Ica – Tourist Attractions

Ica – Tourist Attractions

Paracas National Reserve




The Paracas National Reserve is the only protected natural area in Peru, which comprises territories and marine ecosystems.



Paracas Bay





It is said that in this bay, the Liberator San Martin, noting the colors of the plumage of the “flamingos” or “Parihuana“, I was inspired to create the flag of Peru.




Nazca Lines



The strokes known as Nazca Lines are located in a geographical area with little rainfall, demonstrating knowledge of geography and meteorology. As data extremely interesting and reinforces the theory of meteorological knowledge of Nazca.






Ica is synonymous with wine and pisco, and good.

If passed by the city of Pisco be sure to visit its main warehouses, Tacama (producer of some of the best wines in the country), Vista Alegre (which holds the largest winery in the country) and Ocucaje latter now converted a welcoming center rest and recreation.


The Oasis La Huacachina



In Ica is the most famous of Peru oasis, Huacachina, Nestled among huge sand dunes, Huacachina was formerly (1920-1950) a resort of rank, who came iqueños in pursuit of the healing benefits of its sulphurous waters .
Huacachina is surrounded by date palms and carob elderly, with its ancient houses and jetties which saw its heyday in the early fifties.




Casa Hacienda San Jose


In Chincha is the beautiful hacienda of San Jose, A jewel of more than 300 years old, built by the Jesuits in the seventeenth century and then transferred to individuals, including the Earl of Monteblanco.
Its magnificent colonial architecture, which highlights its beautiful chapel churrigueresque, lounges and even the punishment cells, offer visitors the opportunity to take a look at the rich past of the region.


Today, converted into a hotel, the place offers all the amenities of a modern rest.


Find in Ica, a good alternative for a holiday near Lima, with excellent food and great hospitality.

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