Galapagos National Park

Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos National Park is probably the most attractive tourist sites in Ecuador and live inside giant tortoises, iguanas as well as other unique prehistoric species on the globe



For many tourists, the Galapagos Islands or “Enchanted Islands” as some refer to them as, certainly are a paradise to find beautiful pristine sand beaches, lava tunnels along with a unique endemic fauna and flora.

Do not expect strange fauna; no animals half penguin, half turtles “pintortus” or large mammals with shark fins.

What’s really special is this fact: the creatures that call beautiful hawaii home to behave as if humans were only a little annoying paparazzi.



The islands have assumed a mythical status as well as its relationship to Charles Darwin, the most famous visitor, undoubtedly violated several rules neighborhood to ride horses and eat Galapagos  tortoises, happens to be distorted and romantic.

However, there needs to be an evolutionary biologist or ornithologist to understand one of the few places on this planet where the trace of human presence is kept down.




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