Arequipa – Tourist Attractions

Arequipa – Tourist Attractions

In Arequipa there are tons of tourist places you can go to, Arequipa is among the most important cities of Peru will see so many issues that can be entertained.

Colca Canyon


It is just about the main holiday destinations in Peru, traditional celebrations, where crafts and textiles from the place are executed, one will discover hot springs. This canyon is brought on by the failure in the Andes and also the Colca River which has a depth of nearly 3400 meters. It is considered the deepest canyon on earth.
You are able to do various adventure sports like biking or boating during this valley could be found about 14 people so it will be not small


Church in the Company



This church was internal 1698, is often a tourist attraction well visited, you will find ashlar structures crafted from volcanoes.
Within this great site you is able to see Cuzco paintings. His style is baroque kind of Arequipa. It may be visited from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.



Mirador Yanahuara

Mirador Yanahuara _peruvacationsclub

It is situated in a district with the exact same name because the lookout, with this place you will see beautiful landscapes of Arequipa including his 3 most popular volcanoes. Yanahuara this far away of 2 km from Arequipa, with traditional neighborhood of cobblestone streets and old houses made from ashlar.
This tower was internal the nineteenth century and is made from ashlar arches in which it has recordings of celebrities from Arequipa.


Monastery of St. Catherine of Siena



It was founded in 1579, was suffering from earthquakes and rebuilt to hold the original appearance, is extremely close to the main square.

It is recognized as the most critical religious buildings in Peru.



Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas_peruvacationsclub

As in a city would be the central attraction, where we are able to find the cathedral, you can also discover the Church with the Company, the famous portals Arequipa which are the city council rolling around in its colonial era before .
Contains beautiful pools through the resort plus some small ornaments making it a great location for tourism or even take a break



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